Many people believe that Feng Shui is a useful way to alter the energy in a room, and using it in your office may make it an inspiring, productive space. While you may be limited at work in terms of modifying the design or inherent structure of your office, there are some strategies that you can try to adhere to that can help positive energy flow freely.

Some ways to improve your office Chi include:

Position your desk first. Where you put your desk in an office impacts the ability for positive energy to flow through the space. Don't place your desk facing another coworker's desk; this is not good Chi. Arrange the office workstation so that the desk faces the door, preventing anyone from disturbing or surprising you during work.

Some other desk 'do's' include:

  • Do position the desk so that you sit with your back against a firm wall for stability and security, rather than a window.
  • If it is not possible to face the door from your desk, place a mirror on the edge of your computer to prevent people from sneaking up on you. This will reduce stress and subconscious tension that you may have.
  • Keep a personal token on your desk to inspire you and remind you of why you work so hard. This will help to foster good Chi.

Clear out the clutter. For good Chi, clear out the office clutter. Visual clutter leads to chaos which is not conducive to good Chi and positive energy. Organizing supplies and work related materials will make the space less stressful, and promotes productivity.

Absorb bad energy with crystals. Crystals are used to absorb any bad energy in the space; hang them in windows or around the room. Place one on your desk for good luck and prosperity at work. Better yet, start a small collection of crystals and gemstones that foster productivity and joy, displaying them prominently in your space.

Promote positive energy with a plant. It is believed that plants fend off bad luck and negative energy, so it makes sense to keep a potted plant in your office space. Furthermore, plants absorb toxins in the air that can impact how you feel, which affects the Chi. Plants are an essential element in Feng Shui, creating a natural balance that impacts Chi.

Mute the light. Pay attention to how you illuminate your office space. Lights that are too-bright can negatively affect the Chi, causing headaches, irritability, and even impulsivity. Dimming the lighting a bit can help you focus more effectively, and still adequately illuminate your work area.

Change up the Chi in your office and allow positive energy a path to flow throughout the space. Good Chi can make your office an inspiring, invigorating space that fosters productivity. Use these tips to improve the energy in your office and increase motivation for success at work.