Nobody wants to replace their entire garage door, and fortunately in some cases this may not be necessary. If you can just replace one panel, then by all means do so. But how can you tell if panel replacement is in the cards for your garage? Here are four questions to ask when trying to figure this out.

1. How ancient is the door?

Truly old garage doors may no longer be supported by the manufacturer with replacement parts and such. This is especially likely to be the case if your garage door is more than a decade or two old. If the manufacturer doesn't make that type of door any more, the replacement panels are likely to be harder and harder to come by. Plus, if the door is very old and has been sitting in the sun a lot, it's not going to be the original color any more so a new panel simply wouldn't match (this isn't such a big issue though because you can easily surmount it if you're willing to just paint over the entire door after the replacement).

2. How contained is the damage?

Usually, if the damage is contained to a small area of the door, that means you'll be able to simply pull out the affected panel and replace it and have the door be good as new. This isn't the case though if the damaged spot is right at the join between two panels and affects them both. Replacing two panels is much less cost-efficient when compared to simply replacing the entire door.

3. Is it a sectioned door?

Some garage doors actually come in only one section rather than being sectioned doors. if you have a door with only one section, the whole discussion of whether or not to replace the whole door is kind of moot because if you want to replace a section you have to replace the whole thing.

4. Does the door have other problems?

If your door has been acting up and you can't get it to behave no matter how much troubleshooting you do, and even the repairman is puzzled about what's wrong with it, and it's a super old door, it may simply be time for an upgrade. A door with multiple problems, such as one that both has a panel smashed in and sticks partway up when you try to open it, is a great candidate for total replacement.

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