When you look into promotional products to use for your business, you can find tons of different options. From T-shirts and sweatshirts to USB drives and more, there is no shortage when it comes to products that you can customize and order to give out to your customers for promotional purposes. Out of all of them, however, there is one option that has been popular for a long time and that still continues to be a great choice -- customized ink pens. These are a few reasons why they make some of the best promotional products.

They're Cheap

Sure, when you are investing in promotional products, you are investing in products that will be used to market your business. This means that you might not mind setting aside a budget for this type of budget. However, this does not mean that you probably want to spend a ton of money on promotional products, either. Even though many companies that sell promotional products offer great pricing for business owners, particularly if you buy in bulk, you might find that costs will go up fast if you start buying a lot of coffee mugs, sweatshirts or other more costly items. Many stores that sell promotional products offer ink pens as one of their cheapest options, however, so it's a good way to buy promotional items while keeping your budget in check.

They're Very Customizable

There is no shortage of options when it comes to ordering custom ink pens for promoting your business. You can choose from budget options or higher-end pens, and you can often choose from a ton of different colors and styles. Some have different-colored ink, while others are your standard black or blue ink pens. You can also usually add just your company's name and contact information, or you can choose to add a funny saying that will grab attention. If you start looking at all of your options for ordering custom ink pens, you might just be surprised by how many options are actually out there.

They Get Passed Around Quickly

One of the main ideas of ordering promotional products is so that you can tell the world about your business. The good thing about ink pens is that they often get passed around quickly; if you put out a jar full of your pens for customers to use, you're sure to notice that they disappear quickly. Then, in no time, they will often end up all over town as people leave them behind somewhere or give them to friends. This is a good way to share the word about your business.