If you have intake forms for new clients, no matter your business, you will need to start a client file. If you hold records for each of your clients, it is important to have a few forms inside of their record, to begin with. Record processing will be important as it will make it easier to keep your business agreements, meetings, and client arrangements clear. Here are three important papers that you need to have when you first open a record file for your client. 

Handwritten and scanned personal information form

Though it is common to have forms filled out electronically, nothing beats a handwritten record of your clients information. One of the reasons why you want a handwritten information form is because this can easily be scanned to create a hard copy and an electronic copy. Being able to consult a hard copy will make it easier if there is a mistake in the contact information online due to a typo. Having a hard copy to place inside of a record form also means that in the event of hacking or the loss of electronic records, you will still be able to make contact with clients when necessary. 

Days of contact and reasons for contact

One of the things that many business owners skip in their records is a contact log with the client. Each time you or anyone in your business has contact with the client, the record should be placed inside of the long. This can be just the date, time, and a short sentence of the reason for contact. Having a complete record of contact will allow you to go through and find clients that you have not contacted in a while to keep up to date. A contact log will also help you and your client figure out where a problem may lay, if you find yourselves having a miscommunication about expectations. 

Business or patient contracts

A complete contract with addendums. One thing that you cannot lose is a contract with your client. Even if your contracts are only one paragraph long, a complete contract is protection for you and the client. Whether it is a contract of care, a contract of business, you need to have a contract inside of your client records. If there is ever an issue, you should pull up the contract and find the section that relates to the misunderstanding. Be sure that the contracts are physically signed by both parties and are easily handled when performing any record processing. 

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