Did you and your spouse recently find out that you are pregnant and the baby is expected to arrive within a few months? If you now want to transform your guestroom into a nursery for the baby without having to get rid of the furniture, keeping it in a self-storage unit is the ideal resolution. As long as you make sure that the furniture is stored properly, it should be safe inside of the unit for however long you intend on keeping it there. For example, the temperature inside of the unit will play a role in the condition that your furniture remains in. Consider the information in this article if you decide to put your furniture in a self-storage unit.

Rent the Right Type of Storage Unit

Keep in mind that there will be different types of self-storage units for you to choose between. It is important to make sure that one is chosen with the best interest of your furniture in mind. For instance, you will need a unit is climate controlled, especially if there is wood or metal on your furniture. You will be able to keep the temperature in a climate controlled unit at an average setting to make sure extreme temperatures doesn't destroy your furniture. Other than the temperature, you might also want to get a unit that is large enough for storing additional items as your baby grows up.

Store Furniture in the Unit Wisely

When you start placing your furniture inside of the storage unit, don't be unorganized. The reason why is there are certain types of furniture that can get destroyed when they are stored improperly for a long time, such as mattresses. If you were to store a mattress standing against the wall and bending over, it might remain in the bent position by the time you are ready to use it. Store mattresses tilted against the wall or flat on the ground to prevent them from bending over. Any metal furniture that you have should be oil up to prevent rust before they are placed in the unit.

Follow the Rules of the Storage Facility

Keep in mind that storage facilities will usually have rules in place or their customers to abide by. Some of the rules can prevent your furniture from getting damage. For instance, you might not be allowed to store anything that is explosive in the unit, as it can cause a fire. Ask the storage facility that you choose about their specific rules so you can make sure none of them are broken when you rent a unit.

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