If you're one of the many professionals switching to either a hybrid work from home or full-time telecommuting lifestyle, there's a bit of work to be done if you want to be efficient. It takes a specific mindset and work type to be efficient while in bed with a laptop, and there are some office layouts that are testaments to comfort and productivity. Consider a few office layout ideas to keep yourself comfortable and on task.

The Desk And Chair Height Battle

For the most comfortable, posture-supporting, neck pain-reducing work position, your eyes need to meet your computer monitor(s) without moving your neck into an uncomfortable or anatomically antagonizing position.

It may not hurt now, but constantly looking up or bending your head down will have adverse effects over time. Spinal disc alignment problems and pinched nerves are just two of the more common problems, and it can all be avoided if you get the right kind of desk and chair.

An adjustable chair isn't hard to find, but how well does it lean back? Upright productivity and fully-reclined relaxation are nice features, but a truly helpful chair can lock in multiple positions for accurate adjustment. This allows you to find different comfort points and lock them in place as you adjust the desk.

The desk needs to be high enough to be just around your elbow's natural resting height. When you lift your arms to type, you shouldn't have to reach your arms up or hunch over with a bad back curve to type or use the mouse.

As an additional desk comfort, monitor wall mounts are a huge help. Mounts allow you to move the monitors to a position that suits your comfort for the day without compromising neck alignment.

Office Area Storage

Getting some exercise is important when working, but so is efficiency. You shouldn't have to walk all over the place to get paperwork or other office equipment, so be sure to have some cabinets and drawer space.

Overhead office cabinets can keep a lot of your documents in reach without creating a lot of bulky obstacles below the desk to make your legs uncomfortable. Overhead shelves can be a great bonus, but cabinets with doors are a must in case you have pets or if security is necessary.

If you'd like floor storage, consider standalone cabinets that aren't directly below the desk. The key is to not place any storage items or equipment in a place that may compromise your movement.

Contact an office equipment professional to discuss other features to keep your home office efficient.