As the owner of a building, one of your important jobs is to ensure the safety of those who occupy it. This means having the proper security, fire protection, and more in place. When it comes to fire protection, a building needs a smoke control system in place. This is going to ensure that smoke can escape in the event of a fire to prevent those who occupy the building from dying from lack of oxygen giving them more time to escape the building potentially unharmed. A smoke control system in a building is going to need inspection over time. Here are three reasons why your building soon requires it:

  1. Change in Building Design: If there are walls that are going to be knocked out in the building or you add additional space to the building by expanding out, you are going to need a smoke control design inspection. This is because these changes can drastically alter how smoke will move through the building in an event of the fire. This could mean that there are areas where smoke is not going to have space to move out of the building. In this case, you are going to need more added to the smoke control design that is in place in the building. 
  2. There is Added Height to Storage: If there is a storage facility in your building for items that are being sold by the business, then you are going to need a more intricate smoke control system.This is because the storage is going to be a huge fire hazard and, thus create more smoke. If there is height added at any point because there is more product to sell, then you need a smoke control inspection to determine whether or not there needs to be a change to the smoke control system. You may need to add additional sprinklers, as well as additional vents. 
  3. There is a New Building Added Next Door: If there is a new building added next door to yours or they have added on to it either in height or width, then you are going to need a smoke control inspection. This is because exterior changes also affect how smoke escapes the building. If the building next door to yours is blocking smoke from leaving your building, it can be extremely dangerous so new smoke control designs need to be put in place.

When you know these few reasons you need a smoke control inspection, you can be sure that you get it done right away for the safety of those occupying your building. 

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