Moms are expected to do so much these days, even more than moms of forty to sixty years ago. It all gets so overwhelming. Some days, you probably wish you had five extra clones, right? Well, even though that is not yet possible, you can hire "gophers." These are people and/or services that can manage all of your extra tasks so that you can focus on your family and yourself. Here are five of those services you cannot live without.

Errand Running Services

Simple errands, such as mailing a card or package, dropping something off at school, and/or taking items back to the library all add up in precious minutes. Having someone else do it for you frees up those minutes. Just make a list and leave behind the items you want delivered or dropped, and where they should go. The errand runner does the rest.

Prescription Deliveries

Prescription medications are serious business, but every time to try to pick them up on a lunch break, everyone else is blocking the drive-thru. Skip that and request that medications be delivered to your front door at a specific time. Never pick up your medications from the pharmacy again.

Dry Cleaning Pick-up and Drop-offs

How many times a week do you drop off your dry cleaning and then have to pick it up again? If you are like most households in the U.S., it is at least once a week, but often two or three times. Skip that nonsense. Schedule dry cleaning pick-ups and drop-offs from your home or office at specific times and not have to stop on the way to or from work ever.

Grocery Shopping

Personal shoppers have been around a long time. They are hugely popular on both coasts, but are making their way inland to the Midwest. All you have to do is make a list of what you want, the shopper picks it up, and you pay the shopper for the groceries and the time needed for the shopper to complete the task. Some grocery stores now offer "buy online, pick up in store," which makes it even easier for your personal shopper. You buy exactly what you want and need from your desk at home or work, and the personal shopper just picks it up for you.

Holiday Shopping

The holidays are just around the corner. You do not want to try to get in line for that really popular toy only to be told that it is sold out by the time you get to the door. Nobody has time for that, except maybe your "line holder." These are people you pay to get in line early, hold your spot, and then exit when you get there. You have better odds of getting those popular gifts this year.