Having a guest speaker at your event can help you draw attendees to your venue. Finding the right guest speaker can seem like a challenging task, but it doesn't have to be impossible to book a speaker with a message that will educate and entertain your guests.

Here are three tips that you can use to hire the right guest speaker in the future:

1. Determine what type of speaker you are looking for.

Before you can hire a guest speaker, you need to narrow your options by determining what type of speaker you are looking for. You should consider the purpose of your event before hiring a speaker. If you are trying to help attendees change certain aspects of their lives, a motivational or inspirational speaker will be your best option.

If you are trying to educate attendees or provide new information about a certain subject, then a corporate or educational speaker will be needed. Knowing what type of speaker you will help you find the individual best suited to present at your next event.

2. Take your audience demographics into consideration.

Before booking a guest speaker for your next event, you need to take the demographics of your audience into consideration. If your audience is young and educated, then a speaker whose message targets middle-aged employees will not have a message that resonates with each event attendee.

Audience demographics can help you narrow your choices when it comes to selecting a speaker who can deliver the right kind of message.

3. Listen to samples of prior presentations.

Most people who deliver presentations for a living know that the people booking them will want a sample of their work. Ask to hear some past presentations to determine if a speaker's presentation style of delivery mode are well-suited for your event.

You want a guest speaker who will complement your event's aesthetic and tone, and listening to samples of each speaker's work will help you identify the guest presenter best suited for your event.

Hiring a guest speaker is a significant responsibility. The right guest speaker can make your event a memorable one and leave attendees feeling as though they have new direction and purpose in life. Be sure that you decide what type of message you want to convey, that you find a speaker whose delivery style will resonate with your audience, and that you listen to samples to ensure the guest speaker you book will serve as an asset to your event.