Buying used equipment for your business can often save you some money, especially if you are starting a new business that you are trying to get off the ground. Welding equipment is expensive, so if you need to have a welder at your disposal, buying a matching that is used but well taken care of can be a good option.

Versatility and Power

When you are buying a welder for your shop or business, one of the most important things you need to consider is the power that the welder is capable of producing. If the power rating is too low, the welder will not be effective on the material that you are welding and could result in failed welds.

Buying a machine like the Miller XmT 350 CC CV multiprocess welder allows you to use the machine for stick welding, It offers MIG (metal inert gas) and TIG (tungsten inert gas) welding without having to change machines. For a business buying a used machine, having the versatility of buying one piece of equipment to work on many different materials can make the expense a little easier on the company's bottom line. 

A used Miller XMT 350 CC CV welder can produce hundreds of amps for welding and many more amps for flux core welding and cutting functions. You will need to be sure that your shop can support the power needs of a machine this large. You will need to have a dedicated volt circuit available or have an electrician install one for you to provide an uninterrupted flow of electricity for the welder to operate properly.

Where to Buy a Used Welder

Finding a used machine like the Miller XMT 350 CC CV multiprocess welder that is in good condition and ready to put to work is sometimes challenging. Often you can buy used welding equipment from a private party or at an auction, but it is hard to know the conditioning of the welder until you set it up and run it.

If you are going to buy used welding equipment, find a retailer that sells used equipment, and thoroughly inspects it before it goes out the door. If the machine is factory refurbished and certified, you can feel much better about buying a used welder. 

Look for a reseller that offers a warranty of some kind so if something breaks down on the machine, you can get it fixed without having to lay out a large amount of cash that you may not have. Often factory refurbished welders come with a factory warranty.