If you suffer from menstrual cramps that over-the-counter medications just can't touch, you're not alone. Five to ten percent of women have severe enough period pain to disrupt their daily lives. One option that has recently hit the U.S. market (to much buzz) is the cannabidiol (CBD) suppository. But can this new development really help treat your period cramps? Learn more about how the CBD suppository works and whether you might be a good candidate. 

What is a CBD Suppository?

CBD suppositories, similar to the glycerin suppositories often used as a gentle laxative, are small cylindrical objects that can be inserted into the vagina (or sometimes the anus), where they dissolve. Instead of taking CBD orally, where it must pass through your digestive system before it can have any effect, you'll allow the active CBD to spread throughout the area experiencing pain, providing quick relief. 

Many researchers think that CBD works to tackle period pain by reducing inflammation and dampening the pain signals being sent to your brain through your spinal cord. 

You'll need to refrain from the use of tampons while using one. Instead, a pad or menstrual cup should take care of flow issues without impacting the suppository's effectiveness. (If you use period panties in lieu of a maxi pad, be advised that the binding agents in these suppositories can sometimes cause bleaching or staining.) 

Are CBD Suppositories Right for You?

Before adding CBD suppositories to your regimen, it's important to speak to your physician. Depending on your individual medical history, it may be a good idea to avoid the use of these suppositories or other CBD products. In other cases, your doctor may give you the green light to proceed, though you'll still be asked to seek medical advice if you begin to notice any changes in your health while using CBD.

Another thing to consider when beginning the use of CBD suppositories is the proper dosing for your weight and height. Because products containing CBD and other marijuana byproducts aren't regulated by the federal government, there's no standard amount of CBD in each suppository. If the dosage is insufficient, you may not feel any effect; if the dosage is too high, you could suffer side effects like vaginal irritation or even dizziness. Make sure the CBD product you're consuming provides transparency as to how it is produced and how much CBD is contained in each dose.

If you're considering using relief vaginal CBD suppositories, talk to your local CBD experts today.